Volunteer Spotlight Questionnaire

We will use your responses to the questionnaire below to shine the spotlight on you, your dedication to volunteerism, and the positive impact volunteerism has on our campuses and communities through an Alumni Enews article and accompanying social media posts.
Please note, your response may be held for up to one year to best align with broader engagement and communications strategies; you will have an opportunity to preview the Q&A and request edits before it is shared in our newsletter or on social media.
Personal Information
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Spotlight Questionnaire
We ask that you please answer each question below, please provide as much information as possible. (500 characters each)

1) How long have you volunteered at Dalhousie and in what capacity(ies)?

2) What inspired you to become a Dal volunteer?

3) What have you learned or gained from volunteering at Dalhousie?

4) What is the single best experience you’ve had as a Dal volunteer (please tell us a brief story starting with “One time this amazing/unexpected/special thing happened…”)?

5) What advice would you give someone considering volunteering for Dal?

6) Beyond being an alumnus and Dal volunteer, do you have other connections to Dalhousie, e.g., your parents, siblings or children attended, you work out at Dalplex etc.

Bonus Questions
The following questions will dig a little deeper into your volunteer experience. We would love to hear your answers, however they are not mandatory.

1) Have you made any professional connections through volunteering at Dal that have helped you advance your career?

2) What’s your favourite memory of Dal? (An anecdote [mini story] here would be appreciated.)

3) There are many places to volunteer. Why do you give your time and talent to Dal?

Social Handles
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If you require any assistance with the form, or have any follow-up questions, please contact us at volunteer@dal.ca